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Requirements for Study

What are the requirements for studying in germany?


Application and Registration

Do you know how to apply for a degree at a university?


Universities and more

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Would you like to study in Germany?

check if you meet the following requirements and if you have all required documents available. If not, you can inquire, apply and book them directly on our website.

Admission Criteria

Each university or higher education institution may have their own admission requirements (in addition to general requirements such as the „Abitur“). It can be a NC, an examination or something completely different – admission requirements can vary from university to university.

We offer you a detailed support to clarify which requirements must be fullfilled for the specific degree courses, modules, diplomas of higher education or schools and support you in finding the right university for you.

Application, Registration, Enrollment – The first steps to start your career at university

Have you found the perfect university for you? Do you already know what you need for registration or can we assisst you?

If you need support, we just need some information from you about yourself and your graduation degrees. If you are not sure whether your education or studies are meeting the admission requirements, we check your documents. We will also assist you with the formalities to transfer credits and certificates and check all options for an easy and smart start.

For more information contact us or check your qualification by using our checklist.

Public Universities, Private Universities and more

Germany offers numerous opportunities for a first-class education. In addition to public universities, there are many private universities or academic schools for all fields of study or even international business schools.

Which education suits you best?

We have created an overview of the most important parameters and differences and will be happy to help you to find the right one.

Relocation - First Steps in your new Home

Studying in another country requires definetly a lot of preparation work. With our support you can start directly in your new home country, of course, we will also be there for you in the first days, helping you with administrative formalities, assisting you with enrollment and explaining everything you need to do.

If you like, we can also provide you full-service support.