Visa Service / Visa Application

You need a visa for Germany

We will assist you with the application for your visa for Germany, or we can take care of the visa application for you. We help you with the completion of the visa applications. We explain to you exactly what you need to pay attention to and which requirements must be met. We will also inform you in time about the next steps.

You want to apply for a Visa?

Use our template with simple instructions and step-by-step description

Working Permit / Residence Permit

For Companies

You have decided to recruit and hire professionals from abroad. In order to start successfully in Germany, we will help you to clarify formalities and to apply for the necessary work permits and residence permits for your employee.

For Immigrants

You have decided to move to Germany? Then you are already aware of that you need a working permit and a residence permit. Often the application processes are complicated and you have to prepare a lot for this. Just check your possibilities and chances in advance.

We would be very happy to check your documents together with you, provide you with advice and support you in applying for your work permit, residence permit or visa.

Living in Germany - You need a Health Insurance

People living in Germany need health insurances. Depending on where you come from, you will need the insurance already for your entry.

In Germany there are three options for insurance, which are offered by private insurance companies or public health insurance companies.

For Students

For Employees

  • Public Health Insurance / Private Health Insurance

  • Requirements

For Self-Employed

  • Voluntary Public Insurance / Private Health Insurance

  • Requirements

Compare now and get your Insurance

Public Health Insurance - Private Health Insurance

Germany is known for its good Healthcare system. This includes not only top-equipped hospitals, but also highly qualified doctors and therapists and consistently good care. Even as an immigrant – whether as an employee or as a student – you can take advantage of the German health care system, if you have the appropriate insurance.

The German Healthcare system is financed by two types of health insurance, a public health insurance and a private health insurance. First of all, every employee has to be insured and depending on his income he is in any case insured in the public health insurance. If he exceeds the income threshold, he can decide whether he is voluntarily insured in the public or private health insurance. The employee always pays 50% of the insurance rates.

Difference between Public and Private Health Insurance

As the name already suggests, the Public Health Insurance is statutory and the Private Health Insurance is private. In the Public Health Insurance all insured persons receive the same benefits – regardless of income or contribution. This includes, for example, free insurance for children or partners. In the Private Health Insurance it is basically the case that benefits and contributions can differ from provider to provider. Family members are not automatically insured, but with Private Health Insurance, you have a free choice of doctor, do not or rarely need a reference to a specialist and can also opt for a single bedroom in hospital. Depending on your income, you have the choice of either the Public Health Insurance and the Private Health Insurance. It is usually a financial matter whether you choose one or the other form of insurance.

People who are insured in a Public Health Insurance do not pay anything for visits to the doctor. In a Private Health Insurance you usually make advance payments and are responsible for having your expenses reimbursed by the insurance company. In both insurances you are covered even after a longer period of sickness leave. Easystart has focused its customer service on the needs of foreign employees. We take care of your insurance coverage. We cooperate with one of the largest Public Health Insurance companies in Germany, with which you can be insured.

Send us your inquiry. We will take care of everything else and contact you.

You want to study or work in Germany and need a Blocked Account

If you come from abroad and wish to study or work in Germany, you must prove that you have sufficient funds to finance your living and studies in order to obtain a visa.

For general purposes, this can be proved with a blocked account into which a minimum amount of money has to be paid. The blocked account is called a blocked account because it is not managed by the account holder himself, but by a trustee. The account balance is therefore “blocked” and the account holder can only dispose of a previously defined amount each month.

Currently, the monthly amount required for living in Germany is 853€. The annual amount – that is 10,236€ – is now paid into the blocked account and blocked until entry. After entry, 853€ is transferred monthly to a current account, which you can use as you like.

Further Options

If you want to immigrate without a blocked account, you must prove that you have one of the following options in order to work or study in Germany. He or she has a financial guarantee, can provide evidence of an employment contract or has received a scholarship from a university.

Do you need Assistance in finding an Accommodation?

On request, we can arrange apartments or other accommodation for you – of course taking into account your monthly budget.

For the first few weeks, we are also pleased to offer you accommodation at partner hotels, AirBnB apartments or similar, so you can look for, visit and rent accommodation with our help directly on site.

Language Courses for Professionals and Students

For Companies & Immigrants

Some jobs, positions and degree programmes in universities require a minimum level of German language skills, which must be proven by certificates, diplomas or degrees before starting in Germany.

If you require a language course for a new employee or yourself, we will introduce you to a corresponding selection of schools and courses.