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Studying in Germany

If you are interested in studying in Germany, you should be well prepared. We offer assistance about what you need to know beforehand and how to find the university or college that best suits your needs.


Working as a Professional in Germany

We support you in starting your career in Germany, as for example assist in finding a job or assist with the relevant paperwork and documents.

New Business

Starting a Business in Germany

You would like to start your own business in Germany? We can help you with our full service packages for immigration.


Vacation in Germany

You would like to visit Germany temporarily. We would be happy to assist you in securing the necessary documents, taking out the most important insurance policies or finding suitable accommodation.

Studying in Germany - Programs for International Students

Germany has excellent universities, colleges and private colleges open to study for foreigners.

Germany has excellent universities, colleges and private business schools open for students from abroad.

If you live abroad and are thinking about moving to Germany to study, it is important to be well prepared. However, it is not only important to choose the right university – there are other matters that need to be organised in advance.

This includes the following aspects:

  • Residence permit or visa application
  • Recognition of foreign school or university degree that you have successfully completed
  • Health insurance – private or statutory, maybe other insurances
  • Confirmation of sufficient financials means to finance your living expenses as well as your studies
  • Accommodation – apartment, hotel, hostel, student residence or similar
  • Recognition of your drivers licence or application for an international drivers licence

EasyStart24 assists you in all matters concerning studying in Germany. We have the essential knowledge and partnership network to make your start in Germany as easy as possible.

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Immigration to Germany

You would like to immigrate to Germany. Whether you want to study, work or basically start a new life.

This step will require a number of actions, records and documents. Of course a good network and a helping hand will be useful – We will support you.

EasyStart24 is a group of experts, specialized in supporting immigrants with their first steps in Germany. From the residence permit for Germany to the registration at the university or in job seeking.

Are you well prepared for your life in Germany?

Immigrate to Germany as a Professional

Moving to Germany as a Professional

You are moving to Germany because you have either been offered a job by a German company or have decided to try the next step on the German labour market?

EasyStart24 helps you with everything you need for a smooth start in Germany. Because of our network of expertise and partners we can support you in the following matters:

  • Recognition of your foreign qualifications in Germany
  • Assistance in visas or residence permits application
  • Working permit
  • Arrangement of an appropriate health insurance for you (GKV or PKV)
  • Arranging of further required insurances
  • Administrative procedures in connection with social insurance etc.
  • Assistance in finding a suitable appartment or accommodation
  • Opening a blocked account
  • Arranging language courses and integration courses

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